Alexander Taylor


London-based creative technologist and web developer. This is a collection of projects I have completed in a personal/non-professional capacity. For a professional showreel, please get in touch.

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[data, set]

Includes Book ()

‘[data, set]’ is an installation containing a speculative home automation system in which the smells, lighting conditions, audio and visuals within the environment are controlled by an AI-powered system which monitors the moods of visitors to the space in real time.

Antidetox Kit

Includes Book ()

The Antidetox Kit (and accompanying recipe book) provides an easy means for expelling essential vitamins and minerals from the body. 

Two Offices

Includes Book ()

A one-off photo book exploring two distinct London office spaces, designed to be read on an office ceiling panel light that has been modified for home use.

Outsourced Essays

Includes Book ()

A collection of eleven hypothetical concepts for essays outsourced to content mills; bulk producers of textual content specifically written to satisfy search engine ranking algorithms, often mass-generated via semi-automated content spinning software. Each essay is printed as it was originally received by the content producer.

Pages: 36
Format: Self-published hardback
Published: 2014


Garbage Collection: Some Visuals & Sketches from 2013-2015

Includes Book ()

Size: A4
Pages: 94
Format: PDF

Little Fluffy Clouds: Examples of Representations of 'The Cloud' in Marketing Material, Circa 2014

Includes Book ()

Size: A4
Pages: 28
Format: PDF

Early research that went on to inform my MA thesis (
Castles in the Sky: Charting the evolution of the digital cloud through evolutions in its representation).

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