Alexander Taylor

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[data, set]

‘[data, set]’ showcases a speculative home automation system in which the smells, lighting conditions, audio and visuals within the environment are controlled by an AI-powered system which monitors visitors to the space in real time. Deceptively alluring from the outside, visitors to the space are bombarded with a random, hollow assortment of media that has been grotesquely over-engineered to create an overstimulating, surface-driven experience.


A pseudo-startup product exploring filter bubbles, 'solutionism' and the quantified self -- Blissify is a functional browser extension for Google Chrome that uses emotion detection technology to automatically block the pages that are making the user unhappy. See more and download. Press: Fast Co. Design, The Creators Project, Vocativ, Prosthetic Knowledge


Contentbot is a virtual AI participant in the online attention economy, relentlessly seeking out new content to engage with & share on a 24/7 basis. Tweets are occasionally constructed via rudimentary sentiment analysis. Watch it work in real time. Press: Gawker, Prosthetic Knowledge, Motherboard [Vice]

A.P.G.T.H. (All phones go to heaven)

An imagined purgatory for the dying cellphone, with tweets transmitted in real-time. []

Outsourced Essays

2014 Book

A collection of eleven hypothetical concepts for essays outsourced to content mills; bulk producers of textual content specifically written to satisfy search engine ranking algorithms, often mass-generated via semi-automated content spinning software. Each essay is printed as it was originally received by the seller.

Pages: 36
Format: Self-published hardback
Published: 2014

Selected excerpts here.


2% Of Spaces You Could Possibly Encounter

'2% Of Spaces You Could Possibly Encounter' is a live scene categorizing installation built on top of MIT's 10-million-image strong Places database. A live feed is taken from the camera, ran through a neural network trained on the dataset, then filed into one of 365 spacial categories, ranging from amusement parks to operating theatres. Responding to the claim that the Places dataset can account for 98% of spaces a user could possibly encounter, visitors are encouraged to interact with the camera feed in order to reveal the quirks, blind-spots and biases that can be found in the software.

insecure composition


An inefficient artwork that automatically adjusts itself based on viewer visit times. Read more / view.


An Audio Dictionary of EDM Vocal Hook Phrases (2015 wordlist, Abridged, Distorted for License Agreement Compliance)




An immersive viewing platform/automated web-based TV channel dedicated to the one million or so .3gp* files that have found their way onto Youtube, with the option to narrow video selections down to specific regions and categories. With thanks to Rhizome, who commissioned it as part of their microgrants program (see blog post here).

Designed to be viewed with Google Chrome.

 *A largely extinct file container that was most popular during the first wave of video-playing mobile phones.



Collaboration with Jason Friedman (of The Hundred In The Hands) for New Ancestors. A critique of digital absorption and waste from within a utopian plane of consumption, Heap Cuts examines the individual promise of, and consolidated power-structures for, de-materialized music creation and consumption. View it here (/mirror).


Image Series 3D



An experiment in abstract image creation via Youtube's overexcitable automated facial blocking technology - the conclusion to the piece, a series of selected stills, can be seen here, while a streaming 'easy-watching tv-channel' version of the project can be found at


Image Series

Small image series created by iterating Photoshop CS5 filters upon themselves until they reveal hidden/surprising elements of their own logic.


GIF Thing

GIF Web App Things Service Streaming

Creates a perpetual, randomized, full-screen montage sequence out of submitted GIFs.