Alexander Taylor


London-based artist & creative technologist.

Personal projects collated here - for a portfolio of professional work please get in touch.

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Outsourced Essays

2014 ()

A collection of eleven hypothetical concepts for essays outsourced to content mills; bulk producers of textual content specifically written to satisfy search engine ranking algorithms, often mass-generated via semi-automated content spinning software. Each essay is printed as it was originally received by the content producer.

Pages: 36
Format: Self-published hardback
Published: 2014


2014 ()

A series of abstracted videos and still images created by crossing Youtube's automated facial blocking technology with stock footage of faces.

Gestures Brush Pack

2014 ()

Set of 20+ Photoshop brushes (.abr format) made from the remnants of taps/drags/swipes scanned from the screen of a mobile phone touchscreen.

GIF Thing

2014 ()

A VJing tool that creates an endless full-screen montage sequence out of submitted GIFs.


2014 ()

Small image series created by iterating Photoshop CS5 filters upon themselves until they reveal surprising elements of their own logic.