Alexander Taylor


London-based 'creative technologist'

This is a collection of projects I have mostly completed in a personal/non-professional capacity. 

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2016 ()

A web-based TV channel dedicated to the one million or so .3gp* files that have found their way onto Youtube, with the option to narrow video selections down to specific regions and categories. With thanks to Rhizome, who commissioned it as part of their microgrants program (see blog post here). Designed to be viewed with Google Chrome.

 *A largely extinct file container that was most popular during the first wave of video-playing mobile phones.

Tree HD

2016 ()

Created for the EO1 display as part of a commission for Electric Objects, Tree HD is a quantified digital tree that you can watch grow in real time, taking 10 years from activation to reach maturation. 

Garbage Collection: Some Visuals & Sketches from 2013-2015

2016 ()

Size: A4
Pages: 94
Format: PDF

Little Fluffy Clouds: Examples of Representations of 'The Cloud' in Marketing Material, Circa 2014

2016 ()

Size: A4
Pages: 28
Format: PDF

Early research that went on to inform my MA thesis (
Castles in the Sky: Charting the evolution of the digital cloud through evolutions in its representation).

(Other Projects)

2016 ()

A satirical startup-style product exploring the idea of 'filter bubbles': Blissify is a functional browser extension for Google Chrome that uses emotion detection technology to automatically block the pages that are making the user unhappy. Featured on Fast Co. Design.